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The chickpea is also called "Italian pea". You may buy it in the stores for vegetarians. It is a real vitamin boost. It protects your heart and arteries and effectively lowers your level of cholesterol. It enhances your immunity and protects you from cancer.

If you eat beans you will never suffer from headaches, bone pains and insomnia. You will never have problems with (cystitis) bladder infection or gout ,that is, deposit of urea between joint tissue and muscles.

The carrot contains beta carotene which protects you from cancer and prevents ageing. If you eat two carrots a day your level of cholesterol will lower. Eating carrot regularly enhances your sexual vigour.

The red bean supplies your organism with a big pile of proteins, folic acid and iron. Eating red beans will lower your level of cholesterol, decrease the risk of diabetics, cardiovascular diseases and brain stroke.

Definitely. Sprouts will enhance your appearance and health condition. It is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Sprouts are light and tasty and you can grow at home. It is worth including them in your spring diet.

You should cook vegetables with skins and peel them afterwards. You had better leave the vegetables undercooked rather than overcooked. They keep their flavour then. The green vegetables such as spinach, haricots or sorrel should be boiled fast without lid. After cooking they should be washed with cold water. to keep their colour. The white vegetables such as cauliflower you should simmer without lid. You should try to add some flour to the boiling water.

The herbalism is a folk medicine practice based on use of plants mainly herbs. Currently, herbs are broadly used in medical practice and cosmetics industry. They are effectively applied in treatment of various diseases and ailments, among others, skin diseases, diseases of respiratory, digestive, urinary and nervous system.

Freezing is the best way to store food because frozen food keeps more vitamins A, C and B group vitamins than fruits and vegetables stored in other way. For example, the loss of the content of vitamin C during freezing or storage in low temperatures does not exceed 20%, while in the traditional way of storage e.g. in cellars, the content of vitamin C almost disappears as well as 5-30 % of vitamin A.

The cucumbers comparing to other vegetables contain the highest amount of water (98.8%) Contrary to popular belief they are not a significant source of vitamins. However, they are rich in mineral salts, which properties are still unknown, but they affect the heart rhythm, liver and kidneys function. Both fresh and preserved they enhance the process of digestion and disposal of the excess water from an organism, therefore, they are a great supplement of a low-calorie diet.

Soya is a bean plant. It is a source of valuable fat, protein and B group vitamins, vitamin E, H and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphor and calcium. It is worth adding it to salads and other dishes because its content will protect you from cancer, enhance your nervous system, memory and protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

Tzatziki is a Greek dip prepared of yoghurt, cottage cheese, oil of olives, garlic and fresh grated cucumber. Seasoned with salt and pepper properly chilled will be a great topping to roasted meat, vegetables or bread. It leaves a fresh and intense sent in your mouth.