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Why Kwidzyn?

Kwidzyn is the capital of the region of Powiśle – a picturesque town located in the Pomerania Province on the verge of the Lower Vistula Valley and the Kwidzyn Valley. Due to its closeness to the Baltic Sea its climate is maritime and the soil is excellent for agricultural purposes. This is the region where ground frost occurs last and winters are mild. The vegetation period is not too long- it fluctuates from 190 to 210 days.

In a such inviting micro climate our highest quality vegetables grow, which since 1934 we deliver to the Polish homes.

The raw material warehouse of WZPOW Kwidzyn is mainly located in the Microregion of Kwidzyn and Sztum, especially in the Vistula Valley, and in Żuławy, the region of great productive possibilities. In this area the factors that affect the production of health food is crop climate, helpful especially in the growth of bean and cabbage plants. The structure of the area is also supportive for the agriculture in Elbląg. One may observe an active performance of large and medium size agricultural holdings that are founded on soils of good quality, which gives also the opportunity for the growth of highly specialised agricultural holdings. The average size of the growers that WZPOW cooperate with is 36 ha, the largest holdings reach even 500 ha.