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Our vegetables

Without any doubt vegetables from Kwidzyn can be for all occasions! They are irreplaceable in any menu, they are tasty, healthy, light and low-calorie. There are many factors that have an influence on the quality of our vegetables, e.g.:

  • excellent supply area
  • good micro climate
  • agrotechnical factors
  • protective measures
  • excellent growth conditions
  • ripeness at the moment of harvesting
  • way of preparation for the storage or transportation

The highest quality of the raw material is ensured by WZPOW Kwidzyn, which delivers vegetables to manufacturers of food products for children and babies such as Nestle-Alete, Hipp, Alima Gerber, Bledina, Nutricia. Among foreign customers one may find such companies as Unilever, Heinz, Pingwin, Cambel, Orlemans, Gustaw Wulff, VLM Canada and many other Polish manufacturers which deal with the delivered product under their brand.