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Warmińskie Zakłady Przemysłu Owocowo-Warzywnego KWIDZYN is situated in Kwidzyn in the Pomerania Province. The company operates in the vegetable and fruit processing industry and manufactures products in the following assortment groups: vegetable tins, salads side dishes and packaged frozen vegetables and frozen vegetables in bulk.

WZPOW KWIDZYN is the greatest manufacturer of green peas in Poland, which is the main product amongst frozen and tinned assortment. The high quality, flavour and continuously improved cutting-edge technology guarantee constant demand and appreciation of the consumers in Poland and abroad.

The greatest asset of the company is the raw material of the highest quality used in the production process. The vegetables processed in WZPOW KWIDZYN are delivered by contractors whose cultivation area is over 4,000 hectares. They are monitored all over the year beginning with the preparation of the ground, the level of fertilization and pesticides through laboratory analysis of the vegetable samples. The highest quality of the raw material is ensured by WZPOW Kwidzyn which delivers vegetables to manufacturers of food products for children and babies.